Good evening, dear players.

The first casttle siege is over and we would like to mention
the intense battles wich highlighted player's high level.

Lots of work have been done this week,
in order to improve the game and meliorate it's stability.

We organised two events,
for the variety of the game on this server
and this happened due to your implication and activity.
THANK YOU for that!

the x-shop is activated now
and the posibility of aquisition by paying w coins is available as well.

our project is very progress-orientated,
so every comment or recomendation is welcome
keep in touch for updates on Discord channel
BY MuFortune Team.

Posted: 28 / 09 / 2020

Welcome to  Server Fortune Team

Now Open Betta Test

Any questions write to us on Gmail or Skype

Exp: 10%
Drop : 20%
Grand Reset from : 20 resets
Maximum stats : 32767
Maximum member in party : 5
Guild System: Max 15 players in a guild for normal classes and max 20 players in guild for DL-GM.
Party Exp System: bonus for gold party.
Hidden spots all maps 7 monsters.
We guarantee the stable server 24/7.
.New monsters, new bosses.
All monsters are reconfigured, balanced for x10 rates.
Pvp options available all the things from the Leather to the socket.
Off-Exp system.
A unique Quest System.


Posted: 11 / 09 / 2020
Currently this is only one server.
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