Server's rate: x20

Rate Drop:20%

ML rate: x10

Server Chronicles: Season 4 Maximum

Maximum level: 400

First Reset with:370 level

Grand Reset with: 50reset

Maximum Resets: 100

Stats for Reset: DW / DK - 500 Points | ELF - 500 | MG - 700 | DL - 700 | SUM - 600 | RF-600

Create char: DW/DK/ELF/SUM-1 lvl MG-220lvl DL-250lvl RF-150lvl

Maximum stats: 32767

Guild System: Max 25 players in a guild no matter wich class is GM( No Ally)

Reliable protection against all sorts of cheats and dumb.

New bosses and new locations

New sets for each class and new locations

It is possible to receive bonuses through voting for the server.

NO hidden spots

All maps 7 monsters

3D Camera everywhere

We guarantee the stable server 24/7/365

Currently this is only one server.
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